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Appreciate the essence of work

Time:2021-02-05 | Back

Appreciate the essence of work

Author: Wanglong Long

  I often ponder this question: Work is the cornerstone for us to convey and embody the meaning of life, and it is the root of all happiness and joy.

  Today’s society is full of material desires, and nothing is built on a material basis, although words about spiritual civilization and spiritual wealth are often heard. But all of them are built on material foundations; and all material wealth is not built on our work and labor. Obviously, work is the beginning of all wealth accumulation and the birthplace of all happiness and joy.

  Maybe you, like me, will constantly complain about the damn work rhythm in your own space. The tense rhythm makes us tense every "nervous winding", and it almost makes us feel suffocated and afraid. When we regard the work at hand as a tool to satisfy basic needs and earn a living, then it will be like a baggage and anklet. Life will become dark and boring as a result; physical exhaustion and spiritual haggard will surround us again and again; we naturally will not face it, like it, and then love it. I firmly believe that as a younger generation of us, if we do not have a job, we have nothing. When the pauper can't get beautiful love, and the desperate pursuit of the dude can't be satisfied; without it, no matter how rich it is, it won't be only three generations.

  Everyone has their own outlook on life and values, and their attitude towards work is also completely different. Only by seriously weighing and grasping can we turn this suffocation and fear into pleasure. Appreciating the essence of work is to deepen it in the soul, and to see it as a way to broaden our experience; it is a way and method that enables us to fully embody the value of our existence, and is the core of our spiritual wealth. Then pay attention to it, like it, and love it. Similarly, for the younger generation of us, work is the wheel of our progress and progress, and hard work is the driving force for our progress and progress. Owning it, no matter how poor it is, it will only be three generations.

  Finding that intriguing pleasure at work is exactly what we should pursue and seek; in this way, the meaning of work to us is no longer a monotonous sense of labor, it has become a part of our lives, for We have built a rich and colorful life, even accompanied by a brilliant and proud halo. Believe that you have a right path in life, be a happy worker, and actively devote yourself to your work!